Trio with Marcel Farago, cello and David Grunschlag, violin
Segall & Sons - his father's wood retail fixture shop on Arch Street in Philadelphia
The Wedding Photograph

Irving J. Segall 1921-2004
Thirty-One Season Philadelphia Orchestra Member,
Classical Music Business Labor Activist
by Ira Norman Segall
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Above all, he adored music, first falling in love with it as a boy, hearing the cantor sing in synagogue. When he was not playing, he would go to hear both symphonic and chamber work. He loved playing chamber music, reading quartets with friends in our dining room at home once a month. He had a string trio for a short time with Marcel Farago, cello (visit and David Grunschlag, violin (photo left). He picked up the instrument and practiced every single day until he was no longer able to.

“I never thought I’d be able to make a living as a viola player.”

On stage auditioning an instrument
His highschool yearbook reads Ambition: Member of The Philadelphia Orchestra
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